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WHY TIKIZ – Kevin & Steph

Kevin & Steph https://youtu.be/Le11UMK3YM4
Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 11.26.49 AM

WHY TIKIZ – Josh Whitfield

Josh Whitfield https://youtu.be/_FIWnl7ThIc

WHY TIKIZ – Luis & Gaby

Luis & Gaby https://youtu.be/JSoLbizh8RM

WHY TIKIZ – Jessica Garcia

Jessica Garcia https://youtu.be/Psmvn9oegxw

WHY TIKIZ – Brandi Race

Brandi Race https://youtu.be/wC9EwbEM9Wo

WHY TIKIZ – David & Julie

David & Julie Crowder https://youtu.be/dIuCKZtecf4