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In our youth, it started as faint notes off in the distance that grew into an unmistakable melody, causing us to scramble for spare change and bolt down the street in pursuit of our favorite frozen treats.
On a warm summer day, nothing back then was better than the ice cream truck and the trusted man who drove it. Parents could trust the integrity of this mobile business and the ice cream man was a welcomed member of the community.
Now picture the last few ice cream trucks you’ve seen. How likely would you be to let you kids run out to them? Or feel safe with them around the driver?
A return to our cherished memories was the inspiration for Tikiz Shaved Ice and Ice Cream. The Tikiz product line combines two of the most popular mainstream frozen treat products that everyone loves – refreshing Hawaiian Shave Ice and Ice Cream. Delivered by a trustworthy operator who arrives in the Coolest Truck On Earth™.

The Tikiz Shave Ice and Ice Cream Truck was
designed from the ground up to be a
one-of-a-kind experience. Throughout
its conceptual development, no
limits were placed on the custom
components and features that would
ensure its ultimate appeal to customers.
Some of the Key Features Include:
· Brand New Fuel Efficient Ford heavy-duty chassis and custom-built truck body.
· Patented ‘Surv-Board’, where customers can dispense their own fruit syrup creations.
· A highly visible, Hawaiian beach-themed vehicle wrap.
· Real custom surfboard signage with multiple water misters at both ends.
· No generators – everything runs from the high output batteries that charge overnight or from the truck’s alternators.
· Top-of-the-line high output ice shaver that can produce up to 400 shaved ice within an hour.
· Custom-built, stainless steel and aluminum cabinets, quality refrigeration equipment, advanced electronic gauges, self-contained water system and more.
· Aftermarket custom 20″ chrome wheels with specialty all terrain tires.
· Inviting tropical steel drum music playing on high end exterior Bose® speakers.
· Custom HID headlight bulbs, siren-style LED strobe lights and revolving neon colored lights under the truck to bring major attention to the vehicle at night and in low light areas.

· Ice cream is the most known and recognized dessert in the world
· The global retail ice cream industry, including classic ice creams and frozen novelties, is estimated to reach $74 billion by 2018
· The International Ice Cream Association states that 93% of United States households consume ice cream
· The Hawaiian Shaved Ice has been a frozen treat favorite for generations and is enjoyed worldwide

In order to be truly successful in the Mobile Vending Industry, there are four key ingredients that are essential:
· An eye catching vending vehicle to stand out from other vehicles to attract customers
· Popular product offerings
· High profit margin products
· A product delivery system that allows you to go through customers quickly and efficiently for maximum volume
The Tikiz Menu consists of Hawaiian Shaved Ice and pre-packaged ice cream. This allows the Tikiz Operator to take orders quickly, produce their products within seconds, collect the cash for their order and move on the the next customer.

The Tikiz Mobile Business offers more flexibility and allows you to ‘go where the crowds are:’ residential locations, carnivals, fairs, festivals and special events including parades and parties. All of these locations are great at providing a captive customer base.
Here are Some Ideas
on Where to Find
Customers with Your
Mobile Tikiz Business:
· Fairs & Festivals · Waterparks
· Flea Markets · Campgrounds
· Schools · Historical Landmarks
· Churches · Travel Terminals
· Fundraisers · Playgrounds
· After School · Amusement Parks
Programs · Public Schools
· Daycare Centers · Zoos
· Shopping Centers · Tourist Areas
· Sporting Events · High Pedestrian
· Beaches Traffic Areas
· Corporate Events
· Birthday Parties

Marketing your business to potential customers is the most important factor to help your franchise succeed. That’s why Tikiz offers a complete online collection of branded promotional products, apparel, customizable marketing materials and much more to help you launch and operate your Tikiz Business.
· Online ordering for Tikiz Branded Promotional Products like event flyers, brochures, business cards and giveaway items
· Downloadable templates and Tikiz Branding Guides help you create the right advertisement to speak directly to your customers
· Assistance launching your social media, online and local advertising efforts
· Tikiz provides you with your own page on that allows people to search for your Truck, access your social media links, view photos, promotions, contact you, book events and more!

The Tikiz total investment ranges between $132,500 to $146,000 ($20,000 franchise fee included, along with $1,000 to $4,000 of working capital). The Tikiz Business is a complete turn-key package with everything included from the truck, equipment, supplies and docking station equipment to marketing materials, Tikiz apparel, licenses, permits, insurance and miscellaneous items needed to successfully launch and operate your business. There are even third-party banks that provide optional financing with approved credit and a small down payment.

Most new business owners have no idea of the time, headache, stress and confusion that goes with building out a retail store. There can be paralyzing surprise costs and construction that can take up to 6 months or more. The Tikiz Business Model is on wheels so the investment is always intact regardless of its location. You go where the customers are instead of waiting for them to come to you.
· LOW OVERHEAD You don’t have to pay expensive rent, utilities, high payroll and more due to it being a mobile operation
· UNLIMITED CUSTOMERS You don’t have to wait for the customers to come to you – you can go where the people are!
· FLEXIBLE HOURS You can create your own flexible schedule and don’t have to be stuck to long retail operation hours
· NO EMPLOYEES You can start up with zero employees if your plan is to be an owner-operator
For more information about a Tikiz Franchise Opportunity or general questions, go to,
call (407) 383-3872
or email:

Type of Expenditure Amount Payment Method Payment Due Payable To
Initial franchise fee
See Note (1)
$20,000 Lump sum On signing Franchise Agreement Us
Real estate/truck storage
See Note (2) only if you elect to lease a truck docking station
$0 – $500 As incurred Before beginning operations Lessor
Stationary equipment for storing product and syrup preparation $1,500 As arranged Before beginning operations Approved suppliers, 3rd parties
Truck, equipment, computer hardware and related items
See Note (3)
$105,000 Lump sum, financed, or as arranged Before beginning operations Us, approved suppliers, 3rd parties
Shipping and delivery of truck $0 – $2,000 As arranged Before beginning operations 3rd Parties
Tax, title and licensing of the truck
See Note (4)
$2,000 – $7,500 As arranged Before beginning operations 3rd Parties
Vehicle insurance
See Note (5)
$750 – $1,500 As arranged Before beginning operations Insurance company
Initial inventory
See Note (6)
$1,500 – $2,500 As arranged Before beginning operations Approved suppliers, 3rd parties
Travel and living expense while in training See Note (7) $250 – $750 As arranged Before beginning training Employees or staff, airlines, rental car agencies, restaurants, hotels, etc…
Legal and accounting
See Note (10)
$250 – $500 As arranged Before beginning operations Attorney, accountant
Additional funds – 3 months
See Note (11)
$1,000 – $4,000 As arranged As necessary 3rd Parties and us
TOTAL (12) $132,500 – $146,000
Q. How much will I need to invest?
A. $132,500 to $146,000 ($20,000 franchise fee included along with $1,000 to $4,000 of working capital).
Q. Do I have the necessary finances to become a Tikiz Franchise Partner?
A. Your application will be evaluated by the Tikiz Franchise Development Department who will inform you of how your financial status fits within the Tikiz Partner Profile and what your financing options might be with a third-party lender, if needed.
Q. How much are the on-going royalties?
A. $6,000 a year (paid monthly).
Q. Are special event vendor fees costly?
A. While special event vendor fees can be high, operational overhead is extremely low since you won’t be paying rent on a year-round basis. Establishing school accounts, routes, vending at weekend events, FUNdraisers or setting up a semi-permanent location can be very profitable.
Q. How large of a territory do I receive with a single franchise agreement?
A. 200,000 in population based on zip codes.
Q. How long does it take to build a Tikiz Truck once it’s ordered and paid for?
A. 30-45 days. The range of time is determined by the availability of the trucks from Ford, the truck body, needed equipment and materials.

Q. What does the Tikiz franchise system include?
A. You will receive support in these specific areas along with an array of other extensive support services to establish, operate, promote your Tikiz Business.
· Brand name identity and logo with trademark protection
· Superior Tikiz Truck Operating Systems, methods and workflow design
· Marketing and advertising materials, support and branded Tikiz Apparel and products
· Custom Tikiz Software accessed by your iPad or tablet to manage your customers, schedules, notes and billing
· Operating manuals, policies, procedures and business management systems
· Ongoing updates for increasing profitability and maintaining a fresh image
· Favorable national contracts with suppliers of goods and services for volume purchasing
· Corporate training for owner-operators and employees
· Ongoing operational support from member of the Tikiz Training, operations and management team

Q. What type of marketing assistance is available?
A. Tikiz has a complete grand opening program and ongoing marketing advertising materials. Tikiz will provide each franchisee with effective marketing and advertising materials, sales tools, branded merchandise and much more to differentiate Tikiz from the competition and to maintain a fresh image.
Q. How much money can I make from a Tikiz Business?
A. There are many factors involved in determining the level of revenues and expenses of a Tikiz Business. The franchisee’s skills, territory, overhead costs, etc., will all have an influence on the profitability of your Tikiz Business. Due to the Federal Trade Commission, Tikiz Franchising, LLC does not make any earnings claims to prospective franchisees. Therefore, we rely on our franchisees to supply you information on this subject and with some effort on your part, you can put together an estimated pro-forma.
Q. I’m interested in moving forward with becoming a Tikiz Franchise Partner. What do I do next?
A. Submit your franchise application and a Tikiz Franchise Development Representative will contact you and start you on your way to becoming a part of the Tikiz team!

1. Complete the short Franchise Application
Once your application is received, a Franchise Development Representative will review it and contact you to discuss if Tikiz would be a good fit for you. Your information will always be protected and kept confidential.
2. Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
Upon approval of your application, your representative will send you a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The Federal Trade Commission requires all franchisor’s to present this document of information for you to review for a minimum of 14 days before being able to sign and become a franchisee. While reviewing the FDD, make notes of anything you may not understand or any questions you might have so you can discuss these matters with your franchise development representative.
3. Discover Day
Your representative will set up a Discovery Day. On your Discovery Day at the Tikiz Corporate Headquarters in South Florida, you will get an in-depth introduction to the Tikiz Truck, operation, see the Tikiz Truck in action, the manufacturing process and answer any questions you might have to assist you in making your decision to become a franchise partner.

4. Sign the Franchise Agreement
Upon a mutual decision to proceed, you maysign the franchise agreement and pay the $15,000 franchise fee that is due at signing.
5. Tikiz Orientation
As soon as you sign the franchise agreement, you and your representative will review all of the necessary steps involved with successfully opening your Tikiz Business. This will include financing (if needed), timelines, planning, account building, vendors and accounts, ordering, licenses, permits, marketing and much more. Everything you need, from start to finish, to assist you in successfully opening and launching your Tikiz Business.
6. Training (Tikiz University)
You will receive comprehensive training at our corporate training center in South Florida for three days. You will be provided with easy-to-understand Tikiz operations manuals that cover all aspects of operations, product preparation, customer service, marketing and sales techniques, accounting and office matters encompassing the complete management of your Tikiz business.
7. Tikiz Truck Build
Once your Tikiz Truck is completed within 30-90 days and all of your opening tasks are complete, it’s time to Go Out & Get ‘Em!
8. Open for Business!!!

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